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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Can I order a structure without installation?

NO, we only install products that we sell. As we only we only service products that we install.

Does Gallagher’s do the installation of all their products?

We employ service technicians that are trained and certified. We do not use subcontractors to install our products. We want to maintain control on all that we sell therefore we must install it.

What geographic areas does Gallagher’s serve?

The GTA and Southwestern Ontario is our area. We want to be able to response before, during and after a client reaches out for our services and driving a few hours while maintaining productivity is important.

Can the products Gallagher’s design & install be used year-round?

No, we believe that being outside is important and being protected against the elements however Winter is different here in Canada. We cannot plan events in the Winter and depend on what the weatherman tells us. So let us accept that patios are used three seasons of the year.

Can the products Gallagher’s design & install be manually operated?

No, we do not believe there are well designed products that are built to withstand the weather we are now having. Having a motorized product allows the use of sensors that prevent damage before it happens; Wind, Rain, Snow and Sun for that matter. All of these elements can be incorporated into al the structures we provide.

How different are the patio structures that Gallagher’s provides different than others?

Gallagher’s has carefully chosen the manufacturers we work with. Leading edge technology and design is not enough. We look for innovation, speed of response, service e issue resolution and most importantly if we find a high number of service related issues with the product supplied or the lack of response from the manufacturer themselves they will be dropped and replaced with another that is more willing to supply a product that does not have these service related issues.

Are the patio structures Gallagher’s provides watertight?

Our view is nothing is waterproof, however watertight is possible through the design of the structures. Water is managed through a series of design elements, minimal sloping, internal eavestrough, and internal downspouts. With the change of weather patterns these days water, blowing, cascading water may find it’s way in but we believe working with the right partners solutions are being found and incorporated on a regular basis.

What kind of maintenance required?

Gallagher’s provides a maintenance package where we will clean the frame, clean and lubricate the tracks, check all fastening, motor operation and settings, as well as changing the batteries of the remote controller.

Are the patio structures Gallagher’s provides able to handle Snow?

All that we sell are considered three-season structures.

What is a louvered roof?

A Louvered Roof functions as an outdoor product designed to give you shade when you want it and light when you don’t. Conventionally these products also are watertight, allowing you to sit underneath in the rain.

What is the warranty on our structures?

As we deal with several manufacturers, they all carry different warranties on their products, but generally speaking, motors and accessories usually carry a five-year warranty and the structures themselves from five to fifteen years.

Where are the patio structures manufactured?

With a few exceptions, the manufacturers we represent are European due to the high manufacturing standards, innovative designs and service response.

Louvered Structures

Do they protect from Rain as well as Sun?

Yes. With integrated water management.

Is there lighting?

Yes. This is available as an add-on accessory.

Can the structure be enclosed?

Yes. You can add roller screens, vertical louvred panels, or glass panels.

Can it be used for Winter?

Although there is a rating for snow, they are NOT designed for Canadian winter conditions.

Are there accessories that can be added?

Yes! Roller screens, vertical louvered panels both fixed and sliding, sliding glass panels, lighting, both perimeter as well as imbedded into the louvers, heaters (we are Bromic Heater dealers), and more.

Can speakers or fans or chandeliers be added?

Speakers can be mounted under our supervision as not to affect the drainage at the columns. With the use of a Fixed Louver or two, fans and/or chandeliers can be added with their electrical wires hidden.

Can the structures be mounted to a wall?


What is needed to for fastening the structures?

A solid base for the columns, preferably concrete, steel or reinforced wood.

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