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Bioclimatic & Retractable Pergola Accessories

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Enhance your experience with a variety of customizable pergola accessories.

Your pergola is more than just an outdoor structure. It’s an extension of your living space that reflects your personal style and functional needs. That’s why we offer a diverse range of accessories, designed to complement both our Bioclimatic Louvered Pergolas and Retractable Pergolas.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of ambiance, increase comfort, or add functionality, our accessories provide the perfect finishing touches. From integrated heating and lighting options to advanced control systems, each accessory is crafted to enhance your pergola experience.

We encourage visitors to inquire about the specific options available for their chosen model, ensuring a seamless integration that caters to their unique outdoor setting in Toronto or Southern Ontario.

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Pergola Outdoor Heating

Electric or Gas Heating

Elevate your pergola experience with Bromic Heaters, globally recognized for their superior design and unmatched performance. Ideal for both luxurious residential settings and high-end commercial spaces, Bromic Heaters are a leader in style and efficiency. These heaters are constructed from premium materials, ensuring a perfect blend of reliability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Whether opting for gas or electric models, Bromic Heaters integrate seamlessly with our pergolas, providing warmth and comfort that complements the elegance of your outdoor space.

Pergola Speaker System

Integrated Speaker Systems

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space with the Sound Beam integrated speaker system. These speakers are designed to provide an ideal background music experience, seamlessly integrating into the pergola’s structure for an aesthetically pleasing look. Equipped with optional Bluetooth controls for easy operation, the waterproof marine speakers ensure durability and high-quality sound in any weather. Additionally, they are compatible with multi-room systems, allowing for a synchronized audio experience throughout your space. This integration of technology and design creates an immersive atmosphere for any occasion​.

Pergola LED Lighting

Bioclimatic & Retractable Pergola LED Lighting

Transform your pergola into an enchanting retreat with versatile LED lighting options. Whether integrated into columns for a striking vertical effect, seamlessly incorporated within louvers for consistent illumination, or elegantly embedded in the frame for ambient lighting, these LED solutions cater to every style and preference. Available in warm white, pure white, or dynamic RGB, and with dimming capabilities, they allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Crafted with high-quality, weather-resistant IP65 LEDs, our lighting ensures both durability and a mesmerizing visual experience, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

Pergola Rain and Wind Sensors

Bioclimatic & Retractable Pergola Rain, Wind, & Sun Sensors

Pergolas can be equipped with advanced rain, wind, and now sun sensors, enhancing automation and comfort. These sensors enable automated adjustments based on real-time weather, even when you’re away. The sun sensor adjusts the pergola for optimal sunlight or shade as per your preference, while the wind sensor stabilizes it during rough conditions. The rain sensor promptly closes the roof at the onset of rain, also functioning as a snow sensor with temperature detection. This integration of smart technology ensures your pergola is a safe and comfortable outdoor retreat in various weather conditions.

Pergola App Remote Control

Remote Control & Mobile App

Enjoy modern conveniences at your fingertips with the remote control and mobile app options. Whether you prefer a traditional handheld remote for straightforward operation or the sophistication of controlling your pergola via a mobile app, these tools provide effortless control over your pergola’s features. The mobile app, easily downloadable and user-friendly, connects seamlessly with your pergola, allowing you to adjust settings like louvers, screens, LED lighting, and heating from anywhere, even remotely. This smart integration offers a secure and encrypted communication between your systems, ensuring both convenience and safety in managing your outdoor space​.

Side Enclosures

Side Enclosures

Our versatile side enclosures are designed to not only enhance privacy and style but also to provide protection from the elements, including wind and blowing snow. Options range from sleek Integrated Roller Screens to elegant Sliding Panels, Glass Walls, Fixed Walls, and Outdoor Curtains, each offering a unique way to customize your space. These enclosures deliver adjustable privacy and sun protection while adding a sophisticated touch to your pergola. Ideal for any season, they equip your outdoor area to handle diverse weather conditions, from sunny days to windy evenings and snowy afternoons. Crafted from high-quality materials, these durable and stylish additions transform your pergola into a truly adaptable outdoor retreat, perfect for any occasion.

Important: Talk to a Gallagher’s product specialist to learn about accessory compatibility between brands and pergola models.

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