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Retractable Pergolas

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Discover the Ultimate in Versatility with Retractable Pergolas.

Our retractable pergolas are available in wood and sleek aluminum frames, accommodating various design preferences and functional requirements. The retractable roof, crafted from durable, weather-resistant canvas, offers options from taut to slack or trapezoidal designs, providing flexibility to let in the sunshine or create a cozy, weather-protected ambiance at your discretion. Just like our Bioclimatic Louvered Pergolas, these units boast an array of styles, complete with a range of add-ons and side elements to tailor your outdoor experience. These pergolas are a favourite in the hospitality industry, enhancing outdoor areas in restaurants and creating picturesque settings for events like weddings.

  • Residential & Commercial Options
  • Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Complete Installation & Maintenance Plans

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Customizable Features

Make it yours with endless customization options. Select from diverse styles, including wall-mounted or lean-to designs, complemented by a range of colours and finishes to match any aesthetic. Each pergola, whether in wood or aluminum, offers a unique canvas roof design, from sleek taut to elegant trapezoidal. The motorized functionality provides effortless operation and convenience. Choose from various accessories to personalize your space. For expansive areas, seamlessly integrate multiple units, creating a unified and adaptable outdoor haven.

Hospitality Applications

Retractable Pergolas are redefining outdoor dining and event spaces across Southern Ontario, from Toronto to Guelph and Waterloo. In the hospitality sector, our pergolas offer a blend of practicality and European elegance, elevating the ambiance of restaurants and hotels, including prominent venues in Burlington. These units are prized for their blend of modern design, automated ease, and long-lasting build, backed by Gallagher’s comprehensive support and maintenance. They provide a versatile, stylish solution for creating memorable guest experiences in the hospitality industry.

Product Highlights & Features

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Retractable Pergola Accessories

Retractable Pergola Accessories

Enhance the functionality and appeal of your Retractable Pergola with a selection of high-quality accessories, tailored for comfort, convenience, and experience:

  • Electric or Gas Heating
  • LED Lighting (various options available)
  • Rain & Wind Sensors with Automation
  • Remote Control & Mobile App
  • Weather-Proof Power Outlet

Visit the Pergola Accessories page to learn more.

Retractable Pergola Side Elements

Personalize your Retractable Pergola with our range of side elements, offering additional comfort and privacy for your space in Toronto or Southern Ontario property:

  • Integrated Roller Screens
  • Fixed Walls
  • Outdoor Curtains
Retractable Pergola Side Elements

Retractable Pergolas – Featured Projects

These installations were completed for our clients in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Visit our Project Gallery to browse more examples of Bioclimatic Louvered Pergolas from Gallagher’s Patio Structures.

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Versatile Applications

Retractable pergolas offer more than just a shade solution for residential properties; their adaptability makes them a versatile choice for a wide array of applications. In condominiums, these retractable pergolas grace larger balconies, expansive terraces, and rooftop spaces, seamlessly blending with the condominium’s architectural aesthetics. Their flexible design enhances outdoor living experiences for condo residents, providing shade, comfort, and privacy. On the commercial front, particularly in the hospitality industry, retractable pergolas play a pivotal role. Hotels, restaurants, and spas employ these pergolas to transform their outdoor spaces into welcoming and weather-resistant areas, ensuring an enjoyable experience for patrons.

Tailored for Your Unique Space

Each outdoor space is unique, and we treat it as such. Whether for residential or commercial projects, we work closely with our clients to customize retractable pergolas that perfectly match their existing architecture, design preferences, and functional requirements. Our expert team ensures that every retractable pergola seamlessly integrates with your space, providing not only shade but also an added layer of elegance. We also collaborate with design professionals, architects, and landscape contractors to bring innovative and bespoke outdoor solutions to life. With our commitment to tailored excellence, Gallagher’s is your trusted partner in transforming outdoor areas into functional, visually appealing havens that cater to your specific needs.

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